Bee Studies 2020, Vol 12, Num, 1     (Pages: 001-004)

Antioxidant Variability of Propolis Collected from Different Zones in Hives

Samet Okuyan 1 ,Serdar Mehmetoğlu 1 ,Neslihan Çakıcı 1

1 Apiculture Research Institute, Ordu, Turkey Viewed : 2158 - Downloaded : 825 Propolis is biologically highly active honey bee product. The popularity of propolis is increasingly growing because of its contribution to human health. Propolis composition is highly variable depending on its sources. Different honey bees subspecies can collect propolis having different anti‐bacterial effect. Honey bees, collect propolis for a couple of different purposes such as narrowing the entrance of their own hives and airflow isolation. In this study, propolis collected from entrances (EC) and top of deep supper (FC) of six different hives, and the antioxidant properties of these propolis samples were compared. Average values of total phenolic content were 68.5 and 62.6 mg GAE/g propolis extract, IC50 value of DPPH were 0.14 and 0.16 mg/mL, and FRAP value were 43.5 and 38.4 mg TE/g propolis extract samples collected from EC and FC, respectively. Statistically significant differences have not been found in terms of antioxidant activity analysis between EC and FC collected propolis (P>0.05). Keywords : Total phenolic content DPPH FRAP