Publication Ethics
Publication Ethics
Ethical duties and responsibilities of “Bee Studies” are written in the light of the guidelines and policies made by Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The editors, reviewers and authors of our journal are expected to act under the ethical rules and responsibilities summarized below.

Ethical Responsibilities of Editors:
• Editors are responsible for considering publishing principles, journal objectives and international standards of the journal.
• Editors should strive to constantly improve the journal and meet the needs of readers and authors
• Editors must choose reviewers according to their subject and profession.
• Editors should ensure that there is no conflict of interest between reviewers and authors.
• Editors must obey blind review and keep the identities of reviewers/authors confidential.
• Editors ensure that the members of the editorial board and reviewers evaluate the manuscripts in an unbiased and independent manner.
• Editors are responsible for protecting the personal information of the author, reviewers and readers.
• Editors take into account the feedback from users (reviewers, authors, editorial board, readers etc.) about the published works and take the necessary actions.
• Editors are responsible for providing an open and enlightening answer to complaints from the reviewers, authors and readers.
• Editors should always be willing to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when needed.

Ethical Responsibilities of Authors:
• Author(s) must submit original studies to the journal. That means work and results have not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere.
• Authors cannot submit their studies to multiple journals simultaneously. Each submission can be made only after the previous one is completed.
• Authors are required to state and explain the situation in the event of a conflict of interest in the articles.
• The authors ensure that their citations and quotations in their manuscripts are accurate and complete.
• Authors should check the manuscript with plagiarism programs and submit a similarity report.
• During the review process of manuscripts, the author(s) may be asked to supply raw data. In such a case, the author(s) should be ready to submit such data and information.
• Ethical reports must be submitted by the author, when necessary.
• Accepted manuscripts are not allowed to be withdrawn.

Ethical Responsibilities of Reviewers:
• Reviewers are requested to review the manuscripts in detail, unbiased and confidential manner.
• Reviewers must evaluate the manuscript objectively and only in terms of its content and ensure that the review is not influenced by nationality, gender, religious and political beliefs, and economic apprehension.
• Reviewers do not contact the authors directly. The review forms and comments for the manuscript are sent to the author (s) by the editor.
• Reviewers should use a constructive and gentle tone in review and avoid making personal comments including hostility, slander and insult.
• In case of any conflict of interests, the reviewer must inform the editor and decline to review the manuscript.
• The works, which are sent for review, can not be used by reviewers for any purpose until the evaluation process is over.
• Reviewers must evaluate the manuscript on time and by the ethical rules stated above.

Plagiarism Control
• All the studies should be prepared in accordance with ethical rules and citations should be indicated in the text.
• Authors should check the article with plagiarism programs and submit a similarity report.

Unethical Behaviour
• If you encounter an unethical situation, content or behaviour that does not comply with the ethical responsibilities mentioned above, please notify by email at: